"I had to take a gap year because of covid. I had to miss my graduation and leave my friends. I had to immediately pack up all my stuff in a week and go back to China. I was so anxious during that week that I didn’t know what to do. I went to HEAL twice during that time. HEAL’s peer counselor encouraged me to spend my last week in the States with my friends in meaningful ways. Looking back, I can’t imagine how that week would have been for me without talking to someone from HEAL.

What We Do

HEAL provides culturally-adapted mental health services to Asian international students studying in the States.

Our Mission

Make mental health support

accessible, informal, and via one's mother tongue. 

Our Projects

30 min Emotional Support Session


Students sign up for a 30min anonymous session to talk to a trained peer counselor via WeChat.


Emotional Dumpster


Students join the Zoom call freely during an hour of the day to process any emotions with a trained peer. 

Some Facts



Currently in Cornell eLab Student Startup Accelerator